Bhaurao Kolhatkar
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1862 - 1901

The epoch-making figure on the stage of Marathi musical plays, Bhaurao Kolhatkar, originally belonged to Badoda (Vadodara). His father was a minstrel (a Haridas – a holy singer).

Bhaurao and his elder brother Apparao used to accompany their father in his temple singing.

In 1882, when Bhaurao entered the profession of theater in his 20’s, he was a very good-looking young man and he had got a heavenly voice.

He was the rarest combination of beauty, sweet voice and youth, which was incarnated on the Marathi stage. That’s why, when Bhaurao agreed to play the role of ‘Shakuntala’, 2 songs were specially composed for him.

Bhaurao could sing in a stout, gallant voice as well as soft, delicate and touching voice. The voice used to stir the audience and their emotions.

Kirloskar had Bhaurao in his mind when he composed songs for ‘Soubhadra’. Bhaurao had learnt all the pros and cons of ‘Lavani singing’ during his stay at Badoda (Vadodara).

His high-pitched voice could easily reach its highest point (tar-saptak) with ease.

Although Bhaurao had not learnt Indian classical singing formally; he mastered all forms of singing in the company of Balkoba Natekar in Kirloskar Natak Mandli. Audiences adored Bhaurao by a favourite pet-name-‘Bhavdya’.

Old-timers still remember Bhaurao in the roles of Manthara in ‘Ramrajya Viyog’, Charudatta in ‘Mruchchakatik’, Shoorsen in ‘Veer Tanay’ and koundinya in ‘Sharda’.

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