Katyar Kalajat Ghusali

Marathi Sangeet Theatre has a very rich tradition over 125 Years. Katyar Kalajat Ghusali , JEWEL of Marathi Sangeet Drama, is a melodious duel between bitter Pride & Rivalry between two Sangeet Gharanas (School of thought in Indian Classical Music).

Pandit Bhanushankarji & Khansaheb Aftab Husein , Great Pillars of their own musical Gharanas (Musical Schools) , are the Artists of great heights in their own way. After 10 years of constant efforts , Khansaheb defeats Panditji ,invincible till then, & becomes Singer of the Royal Court. A young student - Sadashiv, claiming to have gained some knowledge from Panditji happens to beg Khansaheb to accept him as his student. But stubborn royalty to the Gharana of music, prevents this thishappenings . How Sadashiv, with the help of Uma & Zarina , daughters of Panditji & Khansaheb, achieve his goal to get Mastery in music is very optly shown in the play.

The play written by Shri Purushottam Darvekar & music composed by Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki, initially staged in December 1967.It has become a landmark in Marathi Musical Theatre & created history. The play exhibits relationship between the Master ( Guru ) & the Disciple ( Shishya ). Throughout Shri Darvekar has expressed tussel between two musical paths in Indian Classical Music with the precise use of Music & equally powerpacked dialogues. There is a very thoughtful use of Traditional Indian Classical & Semiclassical Music in the form of Bandish alongwith Thumari, Bhajan, Quawali etc.

poetic & musical plot, full of emotional turmoil, & musical lyrics meaningfully embedded which reminds the viewers the tunes like Ghei Chhand Makarand, Muralidhara Sham, Surat Piyaki Na, Lagi Kalejava Katar, Tejonidhi Lohgol & Ragamala was again staged by Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune in year 2000. Director Ravindra Khare has successfully recreated the magic of Katyar in present form of 3 Hrs., 2 act play without compromising the Artistic Values both in Prose & Music. He says the play has written in such a way that it has a great character in the form of Khansaheb, who himself is the Hero & the Villain of the play. Mr. Rajiv Paranjpe has controlled the musical side equally well.

Bharat Natya Mandir, 125 years old organization , is a witness to the rich cultural heritage of Indian Theatre.It has definitely passed a taste of time, which presents atleast 10 different traditional & new marathi musical dramas. The group has youthful actors & actresses who come from different professions. They are committed to keep the flag of musical marathi theatre flying. The organization has staged Katyar, all over India, including N S D - Delhi, Gwalior, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur & Goa.

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Celebration of 125th Year

Bharat natya mandir is celebrating 125th year from October 2018 to September 2019.

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