The Theatre and the Auditorium

Theater :

Capacity - 850 seats (Bottom - 525 seats + Balcony - 325 seats)

Stage - size 30 feet X 24 feet

Stage Property - Flat scenes, curtains, levels etc.

Available facility - Makeup room 3 nos., V.I.P. room 1 nos. light room and sound room.

Staff - Technical assistant 6 nos.

Maintenance staff - 3 nos.

Management - Chief of the theater, Secretary , Treasurer

The Auditorium :

Bharat Building

1924 Auditorium


Bharat Building

1970 Pandal Theater


Bharat Building

Full-Fledged Theater Complex


The auditorium was just a small hall in 1924 that was turned into a pandal theater in 1970, and after 1970 a full-fledged theater complex. Any institution wants a building of its own. The Institution 'Bharat' has found good stability and momentum after its theater complex was constructed. The complex is very useful for the institutions various activities, as well as it is hired by different professional and amateur drama companies for different activities. Bharat charges lesser rental money than any other theater in Pune. It gives special concession to drama groups that put up plays for children. The Institution 'Bharat' has always performed the role of a fatherly figure to all amateur drama companies and actors. Several competitions are conducted in this auditorium. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Purushottam Karandak one-act-play competition.
  2. Firodiya Karandak (Trophy).
  3. Marashtra Govt's State drama competitions.
  4. Kamgar Kalyan Kendra's competitions.
  5. Industrial Lalit kala one-act-play competions.
  6. Hindi State level play competitions.
  7. Sanskrit State level play competitions.
  8. Children's play competitions.
  9. Aradhana Trophy one-act-play competitions.

'Bharat' has created a bond of friendship with all people and companies associated with these competions.

Architecture of a theater is most critical. Bharat's auditorium is so designed that a person sitting in the last row of the balcony can get a feeling that he is watching the play on the stage from a closer distance. Many celebrated actors have a feeling that their show in 'Bharat' is sure to be a grand success. The long standing tradition of 'Bharat', blessings of the seniors, efforts and hard work of drama volunteers and contribution of the old, venerated great actors like Balgandharva, Chota Gandharva, Keshavrao Date, Tatya saheb Khadilkar have been the richest treasure of the Institution - 'Bharat'. It is a great fortune of the Club that theater persons, professionals or amateur, insist that they perform on the stage of 'Bharat'. The Institution has been doing valuable work for the development of the children's theater movement. The theater is also made available for 'dress rehearsals' of plays. The theater is run by a 'theater Committee', which is formed by including 1 member each from the Board of Trustees, Business Council and Managing Committee. The organizational set up comprises a theater Chief, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee member. Anant Dalvi is the theater Chief for year 2003 - 04 and Raja Pitale and Shirish Phule act as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


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