Future Plans

1. Art Gallery :

Bharat Natya Sanshodhan Mandir, Pune (B.N.S.M.)proudly possesses many articles on theater many news-paper cuttings and record of historical importance along with impressive photographs of many-a-personality. With a view to make this available under one roof to the connoisseur audience as well as the students of theater an Art Gallery is proposed to be constructed.

2. Audio-video library:

B.N.S.M. has a grand collection of audio-recordings of old Marathi plays, songs and musicals. Presidential key-note addresses of Natya- sammelan presidents which are not only interesting and entertaining but also academically important are recorded and preserved for the use to the posterity. Many-a-cultural programmes and music-concerts, which would have otherwise lost to history have been preserved treasure can be enhanced with the new state-of art technology and B.N.S.M. aims exactly at this by creating an ultra-modern audio-video library- a dream-project in the years to come.

3. Cultural Exchange :

B.N.S.M. also desires to facilitate and promote cultural exchange between organizations working in similar fields, in various parts of not only our country but also in the world at large. Organising seminars and workshops on theater, which would call participation form academic fraternity as well as lay-public is essential for this purpose. Arranging study-tours to various regions and countries for the cross-cultural heritage calls for all such activites with due, active co-operation from various organizations within ythe country and abroad, B.N.S.M. wants to take this up on its future agenda.

4. Academic Framework :

Professional teachings of Indian art - dance, music and drama have been taken up by B.N.S.M. by running schools of art, which include school of Drama, School of Dance & school of Music, where classes are held for singing and tabla. May students have been benefited by these. A number of established artists are proud to be students of these art-schools. B.N.S.M. is trying to affiliate these schools to universities. Sustained efforts are being taken in this direction, so that student-exchange can be facilitated in future.

Your participation is welcome in various ways. e.g.

  1. By directly participating in the on-going projects, from time-to-time.
  2. By rendering financial support.
  3. Extension and modernization of Photo-gallery, library, collection of scrips, reference-books is high priority area of B.N.S.M.'S future planning. Land is of immense importance. Funds for land or donation of land is the earnest need of the hour.
  4. By sponsoring a projct or a department.
  5. By donating your personal possession of rare books, audio-video recordings, or theater record of any type to B.N.S.M.
  6. Last but not the least, by spending your valuable time for your own B.N.S.M.

Have a question or need any help?

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